Story About The Founder

Shortly after she opened her own studio in Zurich’s famous Kreis 4 district, it became apparent to her that she needed to broaden her horizon. Looking for a new inspiration and a persistent balance, she travelled around Asia and visited Bali, where she finally found her personal paradise and ideal environment for her future work.

After 23 years of living and working in Bali and 32 years working in the fashion industry, Anja decided not to keep up with the speed and pressure of making fashion lines anymore. Based on her own experience of being mentally and physically exhausted, she was longing for to create a place of peace and tranquility, open for every individual to recharge and recover.

Therefore, she created an infrastructure to combine holistic treatment, healthy food and a balanced lifestyle with a pure, simplicity-oriented environment, which allows oneself to remember the essential power of being centered, which easily gets lost in a fast moving world.Driven by a constant flow of creativity, Anja was able to make her dream come true by creating her own unique boutique hotel with a lot of attention for details. She gave every room its own individual charisma and is now inviting her guests to accomplish the atmosphere at the Sun Suko Boutique Retreat with their energy.